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LodeStar Star Stack Colour Inspiration – 4th of July

When the mmmcrafts LodeStar Tree Topper pattern was released this year, I knew right away I wanted to make a 4th of July inspired star stack. Also, to be honest, I found the idea of making the whole LodeStar pattern a little daunting (spoiler: I’ve made it now!). So I made one of the smaller star stack variations that Larissa shows in her pattern, which is also the innermost 3 pieces of the LodeStar pattern. After travelling from BC down the Oregon coast this summer I saw lots of US flags out (it was July after all!), and thought it would be fun to make a star stack with that theme.  I am super pleased with how it turned out, the metallic felt combination of blue, red and silver is so “wowza”!!

How do you make this nifty Blue, Red and Silver festive metallic star? 
– First you will need to purchase the LodeStar Tree Topper pattern PDF directly from mmmcrafts on Etsy
– This star is the “CDE” combination, also suggested in the pattern as a smaller project star.
– Print off the pattern pieces onto Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch. Find the sheets here: Stick ‘n Stitch Individual Sheets
– As you don’t need to soak the metallic felt you can apply to the metallic felt sheets right away: Royal Blue, Red, and Silver Metallic felt 
– This star was embroidered with D415 Dark Silver Diamant DMC thread, and a wee bit of D321 Red Diamant thread, which isn’t stocked at the moment. Also added onto the stars was 5 mm silver cup sequins, 5 mm blue cup sequins and 8 mm red cup sequins, as well as 10/0 silver lined seed beads.
– Other items used were Pellon Pelltex 70, glue, and sewing needles (Bohin brand).
– DMC embroidery floss in #824 to match the Royal Blue, #817 Red, and #3024 Silver (it’s matches the Merino Silver felt, a light grey colour)

Other options: to save on Metallic felt, or rather save your sewing hands (it’s a bit tough to get the needle through. Pro tip: use a new sharp needle) you can use regular 100% wool felt on the backing. If you are only making this star one sided (and not embroidery on both sides) you will see the wool felt on the back when turned over though. Keep in mind if choosing to make a star stack. You might also want a jump ring to hang it up.

Thoughts? I LOVED making this!! Besides it being so fun to make, it helped me get a handle on making the whole tree topper project. Absolutely recommend.

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