COLOUR SELECTION: Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your screen. Due to the nature of screens they cannot be relied upon to accurately replicate our beautiful felt, doll supplies and wool colours. We recommend ordering samples (if we offer them for the product you are interested in). If you are trying to colour match a project and are able to send in a sample of the colour, mail it and we will do our best to match. Products can have colour shifts between batches, this is beyond our control.

NOTICE OF RISK: Products purchased through Bear Dance Crafts are not intended for young children, under the age of three (3), or those that still put items in their mouths. Products can at times involve substantial risk of personal injury, and other dangers (needle felting needles are sharp and may break the skin, for example). We take no responsibility for what you do with a product or its packaging, whether by misuse or misunderstanding. Please use your good sense (don’t poke yourself in the eye!), products are “at your own risk”.
We strive to offer products produced with care and attention (oeko-tex certified, pasture grazing sheep wool, etc), and the information about the products is true to the best of our knowledge.  However, should any of the information be incorrect or changed unbeknownst to us, then Bear Dance Crafts isn’t to be held liable for damages that arise out of them.

SHIPPING LIABILITY: Shipping of goods is outsourced to a third party (or parties). If your package is lost or stolen while in transit, a claim will be made with the shipper for items that have tracking and insurance. By choosing to ship for a cheaper shipping rate (ie: oversize lettermail) it waives your right to a claim with the 3rd party shipper and Bear Dance Crafts. We usually ship with Canada Post, if you live outside of Canada your package will then change to your countries national postal service. More details on the shipping terms page.

DOWNLOADABLE PURCHASES: Contact Bear Dance Crafts via contact to let us know if you are having trouble receiving your digital download. Refunds are not given on digital downloads. 


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