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Little Elves Ornament Felt Colours

The Little Elves are preparing for the holidays… which they love to spend with Santa and Mrs. C. of course. Loads of fun to make, the elves are delightful to embroider and put together!!

You can find supply kit options to make the mmmcrafts Little Elves patterns on this kit and supplies page. You will need to purchase the patterns directly from mmmcrafts on Etsy

Little Elves kits  come with just the right amount of felt so you don’t have to buy whole sheets… but perhaps you would like to purchase whole sheets of felt instead?? Felt page links below.

The above photo shows which colours we used at Bear Dance Crafts to make these fabulous ornaments.
~Link to Classic colour felt page
~Link to Merino colour felt page
~Link to Metallic felt page (for Elf purse felt)

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