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Partridge and Pear Ornament Felt Colours

Partridge & Pear, the beautiful pattern that kickstarts the 12 Days Ornament series by mmmcrafts.  Use the guide to inspire your own colour palette. This one is similar to the main photo on the pattern.

We’ll have mmmcrafts Partridge & Pear supply kits coming (hopefully soon!), and will update this page when they are ready with a link.
You will need to purchase the patterns directly from mmmcrafts on Etsy

Felt page links below if you are looking to make the ornaments:

The above photo shows which colours we used at Bear Dance Crafts to make these fabulous ornaments.
~Link to Classic colour felt page
~Link to Merino colour felt page

If you are looking for Stick ‘n Stitch, you can add the 1 sheet needed for this pattern here

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