Santa and Mrs. Claus Ornament Felt Colours

  Who likes to brighten up the holidays with some Santa and Mrs. C. decor?? We sure do!!! They are so fun (and cheerful) to embroider and put together. There are some new (exciting!) options in the shop for buying supplies to make the mmmcrafts Santa and Mrs. Claus Ornament patterns. You will need to purchase the patterns directly from mmmcrafts on Etsy The kits come with just the right amount of felt so you don't have to buy whole sheets... but perhaps you would like to purchase whole sheets of felt instead?? Above is a handy-dandy photo showing which colours we used at Bear Dance Crafts to make these adorable ornaments. ~Link to Classic colour felt page ~Link to Merino colour felt page **Update Dec 13, 2020 - Due to the huge number of orders of the kits, we've run out of the thread for them & new supply will be a bit, so expect to see them back in stock in 2021.**

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More 100% Wool Felt Colours available!

Did you see the new colours we have? I am so beyond excited to offer some new colours in their very own section called "Extra Classic". Some of them will only be available until stock runs out (being one-off specialty colours), and others we hope to continue offering. They are not available on the colour cards, as this section will keep changing with more felt added or sold out, some will be here today/gone tomorrow kind of thing. Check it out:

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Wondering about Mail Order?

Did you get a postcard recently, only to have the writing smudged after your roommate wiped it down with a lysol wipe? Yes, this happened to a person in my family last week! I realised some of you might be wondering how safe receiving an order might be in these times of COVID-19... The short answer is: receiving mail from Bear Dance Crafts should be totally fine - I'm handing off mail in surgical gloves (and mask) and mail carriers are also wearing protective gear. If you have any concerns about how your mail is handled, below is a link to a CBC article answering questions about receiving mail.

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Free Felt! Get 12 Mini Felt Squares FREE! *while supplies & stamps last* ONLY in CANADA

Update: if you were looking and we're out...we'll probably have more later in the week after a visit to a post office to buy some more stamps ;) At Bear Dance Crafts we have a little freebee for you... if you are in Canada you can get some FREE 100% wool felt: It's limited by how much is left, and how many stamps I have (if I run out, I will try to get more stamps). Here's the details, which are over on the page where you 'order'. If you 'order' there is no payment, but you will submit your shipping info :) FREE FELT! Get 12 Mini Felt Squares FREE! Need a little 100% wool felt to help get your through the isolation and quarantine of COVID-19, and want it for FREE? And, you live in Canada?? (let's not burden the border workers with free craft supplies instead of medical supplies right now!) Here at Bear Dance Crafts we have a win/win situation - we are making little stacks of mini sized sheets of 100% wool felt from our "scrap mountain" for you just because it would be really nice to send it off instead of looking at…

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Shipping during Coronavirus? Yes… we currently are :)

If you are wondering if we are shipping, YES we are! Canada Post has released a statement on COVID-19: Canada Post COVID-19 and we are keeping an eye on possible mail disruptions. We will post on the blog if we are not shipping. Please be aware that we are also a bit overrun with orders... and as a result we may run out on some stock if we have trouble restocking. We're trying to keep up on it all :) Take care and be safe out there!!

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New Website!!

Welcome to The Bear Blog on the fresh new Bear Dance Crafts site!! In the same way Goldilocks of Goldilocks and the Three Bears endeavored to keep trying until she seemed to have it "just right",  we are hoping it really is "just right" with the new shipping calculator and other upgrades. Please "bear" (pun totally intentional!) with us through any surprises that might happen as we shift to the new platform. We hope you enjoy the new site & happy crafting :)

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