Bohin Hand Sewing Needles

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Bohin Needles. Made in France. Beautiful quality hand sewing needles.
From the Bohin website: “A needle sounds harmless. However, that needle makes a difference during your stitching projects. Guided by your hand, the needle is an indispensable tool that will allow you to achieve your goal to reach perfection. We’ve maintained this level of perfection in our workshops since 1833 because we know that a breaking or twisting needle that doesn’t slide and cuts your thread will be a waste of your time and will ultimately damage your creativity.”

Choose from:
~ Embroidery #5 set of 15 needles all the same length (perfect for mmmcrafts sewing)
~ Embroider #3/9 set of 15 needles in varying lengths
~ Sewing and Long Darners set of 20 needles in varying lengths
~ Assorted Sharps and Milliners set of 40 needles in varying lengths Plus 1 self-threader.
~ Set of 3 Doll Making needles set, one of each in 9 cm (approx 3.5″), 13 cm (approx 5″), and 17.8 cm (approx 7″) in length.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
Bohin Needles

Embroidery Pack of #5 (BOE005) $5.50 CAD, Embroidery Pack #3/9 (BOE039) $5.50 CAD, Sewing & Darner Pack (BOH020) $9.25 CAD, Assorted Sharps & Milliners Pack (BOH040) $11.50 CAD, 3 Doll Needles Pack (BOD003) $11.50 CAD