You are currently viewing Free Felt! Get 12 Mini Felt Squares FREE! *while supplies & stamps last* ONLY in CANADA

Free Felt! Get 12 Mini Felt Squares FREE! *while supplies & stamps last* ONLY in CANADA

Update: if you were looking and we’re out…we’ll probably have more later in the week after a visit to a post office to buy some more stamps 😉
At Bear Dance Crafts we have a little freebee for you… if you are in Canada you can get some FREE 100% wool felt:
It’s limited by how much is left, and how many stamps I have (if I run out, I will try to get more stamps).
Here’s the details, which are over on the page where you ‘order’. If you ‘order’ there is no payment, but you will submit your shipping info 🙂

FREE FELT! Get 12 Mini Felt Squares FREE!
Need a little 100% wool felt to help get your through the isolation and quarantine of COVID-19, and want it for FREE?
And, you live in Canada?? (let’s not burden the border workers with free craft supplies instead of medical supplies right now!)
Here at Bear Dance Crafts we have a win/win situation – we are making little stacks of mini sized sheets of 100% wool felt from our “scrap mountain” for you just because it would be really nice to send it off instead of looking at it any longer!
What will you receive? About 12 pieces of 100% wool felt, roughly 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm (5 x 5″ approx). Colours vary. We choose 12 surprise colours. If you’re feeling “picky” (hey, we all have projects we need just the right colour for, no judgement!), we do offer felt for sale where you can choose from 150+ amazing colours.
It will ship oversize lettermail to the address you provide by “ordering” one (limit 1 per address/household).
We will be limiting the number of “free felt” packs based on how much felt we have in “scrap mountain” and ability to get more stamps to mail it out.
No holds, no rainchecks. It’s really free, we’re just sending you (or your kids) some wool felt to brighten your day in these uncertain times.

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