TUBULAR GAUZE a.k.a. Stockinette

From: $ 2.00 (USD)

White 100% cotton tube gauze, also called stockinette, for forming ‘inner’ Waldorf-style doll heads. High quality and very stretchy.

Sizes are metric, imperial width sizing is approximate. Available in 1 metre lengths (39″, approx. 1.1 yards), multiples of same size will likely be kept as 1 continuous piece (if possible).

If you have a pattern, check the recommended size. This tube gauze is very stretchy, consider doubling it on the really big dolls.
Sometimes tube gauze sizing is based on the height of the doll, but a baby style doll has a head proportionally larger than a toddler, so I recommend going up a size for baby dolls.

My super general size guide for tube gauze on Waldorf-style dolls:
– 1.5 cm (⅝”) is great for doll-house dolls and small pocket dolls (head sized like a large grape).
– 2.5 cm (1″) good for smaller pocket dolls and small bunting babies (head sized like a cherry).
– 4 cm (1½”) small dolls, like pocket dolls and bunting babies ( head sized like an apricot).
– 6 cm (2⅜”) medium style heads such as 10-12″ dolls (head size like an organic orange).
– 8 cm (3⅛”) larger style head, usually 14-16″ dolls (head sized like an extra large grapefruit).
– 10 cm (4″) or 12 cm (4¾”) gauze for 18″ sized dolls and up.

**Please note due to major increases from the supplier, we have had to adjust our prices, sorry!**

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 26 × .5 cm

1.5 cm (⅝") $2.75 CAD, 2.5 cm (1") $3.25 CAD, 4 cm (1½") $3.75 CAD, 6 cm (2⅓") $4.25 CAD, 8 cm (3⅛") $4.75 CAD, 10 cm (4") $5.50 CAD, 12 cm (4¾") $6.00 CAD