Wizpick Felting Needles

From: $ 1.83 (USD)

These are like the cadillac of felting needles! Favoured by dollmakers and needlefelters alike,
and we offer the top colours dollmakers like to use, available individually or as a set.

Wizpick needles are colour coded in their own universal system.
Available in:
Red .36 gauge needle. This is your quick needle  (WPR036)
Brown .40 gauge needle. Good all around (WPB040)
Orange .40 gauge needle. For fine work (WPO040)
Aqua .40 gauge needle. For finer wools, and finishing (WPA040)

Other options: Set of 4 (one of each) “Wizpick Set” (WPS004)

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm
Wizpick Needles

Red .36 gauge (WPR036) $3.00 CAD, Brown .40 gauge (WPB040) $2.50 CAD, Orange .40 gauge (WPNO40) $2.50 CAD, Aqua .40 gauge (WPA040) $3.00 CAD, Wizpick Set of 4 (one of each) $10.00 CAD