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(Felting needles listed below wool, including Wizpick needles)
Excellent wool for needle felting can also be used for traditional wet felting, and in combination, and for spinning.
Meeting Oeko-tex 100 standards, and European Union dye standards, this wool from pasture-fed New Zealand sheep
is wonderful and ecologically friendly.
27-30 micron fibre diameter, 11.5 approx. staple length (4.25") in 28 gram/1 oz. size.
How much is in a 28 g/1 oz. bundle? About the size of an organic orange when rolled up.
(1 oz.) Corriedale roving bundle $3.00 Canadian each.
New Sizes: 10 grams $1.25, 50 grams $5.00, and 100 grams $9.75.
PLEASE NOTE: Colours may appear differently in-person than on your screen.

Honey - CRV001
Apricot - CRV002
Soft Yellow - CRV003
Lemon Yellow - CRV004
Golden Yellow - CRV005
Tangerine - CRV006
Orange - CRV007
Dark Maple - CRV008
Fire Red - CRV009
Scarlet - CRV010
Cherry Red - CRV011
Raspberry Sorbet - CRV012

Cranberry - CRV013
Burgundy - CRV014
Frosting - CRV015
Cotton Candy - CRV016
Dusty Rose CRV017
Hot Pink - CRV018
Lavender - CRV019
Lilac - CRV020

Purple Pepper CRV021
Royal Purple - CRV022
Amethyst - CRV023
Orchid - CRV024
Magenta - CRV025
Dark Plum - CRV026
Arctic Ice - CRV027
Sky Blue - CRV028
Blue Jay - CRV029
Cobalt - CRV030
Lagoon - CRV031
Turquoise - CRV032

Indigo - CRV033
Blue Spruce - CRV034
Mint - CRV035
Lime - CRV036

Grass Green - CRV037
Moss - CRV038
Olive - CRV039
Kiwi - CRV040
Fern - CRV041
Evergreen - CRV042
Skin-tone - CRV043
Camel - CRV044
Butterscotch - CRV045
Toffee - CRV046
Fox Brown - CRV047
Chocoloate Chip - CRV048
Florescent Blue - CRV049
Fluoresc. Green CRV050
Fluoresc.Orange CRV051
Fluorescent Pink CRV052
Fluoresc. Yellow- CRV053
White - CRV054
Fog - CRV055
Grey - CRV056

Black - CRV057
Natural Light - CRV058
Natural Medium - CRV059
Natural Dark - CRV060
Please remember that colours on your screen can show colours differently than they appear in real life.
The "Natural" tones of Corriedale change from batch to batch a little, due to the nature of being natural!**
We have done our best to render true colours on this page.

These are like the cadillac of felting needles! Favoured by dollmakers and needlefelters alike,
and we offer the top colours dollmakers like to use, available individually or as a set.

Wizpick needles are colour coded in their own universal system.

Red .36 gauge needle. This is your quick needle. WPNR36 $3.00 each
Brown .40 gauge needle. Good all around. WPNB40 $2.50 each
Orange .40 gauge needle. For fine work. WPNO40 $2.50 each
Aqua .40 gauge needle. For finer wools, and finishing. WPNA40 $3.00 each

Other options:
One of each of the above (set of 4) "Wizpick Set" WPS004 $10.00 set

Standard felting needles. Several sizes to choose from, all work great with the above Corriedale roving and other fibres too. Multi-pack option with one of each.
Moss .36 gauge needle. This is your all-purpose needle. FND036 $1.75 each
Rose .38 gauge needle. Good for medium wools, not too fine or coarse. FND038 $1.75 each
Sapphire .38 Star gauge needle. Basic fast felter, costs a bit more. FND338 $2.75 each
Emerald .40 gauge needle. For finer wools, and can be used for finishing. FND040 $1.75 each
Amethyst .42 gauge needle. Finishing, great for faces and top work. FND042 $1.75 each

Other options:
One of each (set of 5) "Basic Set" of .36, .38, .38 star, .40 and .42: FNS005 $9.50 set
Want your wool pulled out instead of in??
Reverse needles help to create fuzz and fluff look on your creations.
The barbs run the other way.

Gilt .32 gauge REVERSE needle from Wizpick FNR032 $2.00 each
Bronze .36 gauge REVERSE needle. FNR036 $2.50 each
Silver .40 gauge REVERSE needle from Wizpick. FNR040 $3.00 each

Other options:
One of each (set of 3) "Reverse Set" of .32, .36, and .40: FNS005 $7.25 set

Beautiful silver beech hardwood needle felting punch to help you felt faster on larger projects.
It comes with five all-purpose needles that are stored inside the screw cap.
The punch can hold any kind of felting needles at a time, up to 4 needles.

Felting Punch: FNP001 $49.00



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