Stick ‘n Stitch Printable Sheets 12 Pack

$ 21.66 (USD)

Stick ‘n Stitch™ is so handy!! Use it for for hand embroidery, cross stitch, and quilting. If you haven’t used it before it will basically be your new embroidery BFF! To use it you simply print or copy your design on Stick ‘n Stitch then remove the backing, stick on fabric and stitch, then rinse away when finished.

For instance, open the pattern page on your PDF file (like on a mmmcrafts design) and print the page onto the stitck ‘n stitch printable sheet and *bingo* (if all goes as planned!) your embroidery stitches are on the page ready to be stuck onto your fabric (felt, etc) so you can stitch right over them perfectly. It saves transferring everything by hand.
You can also transferring a design for machine applications like quilting, monogramming, thread sketching, or as a template for computerized machine embroidery.

Standard printer sheet size 8.5 x 11″, in white.

Additional information

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 33 × 23 × .75 cm