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Large Loop Mohair, also known as boucle (yarn with loops) is great for curly caps, long hair and a scruffy tousled look.
17 beautiful hair shades available in a 50 gram (1¾ oz.) ball. Formerly known as “dollymo”.

Wild Large Loop Mohair is 78% mohair, 19% wool and 3% nylon (binder). Approx. 60 metres. Hook size 4.00-4.50 mm (US 6-7).

Due to Covid dye house issues, some colours are in short supply, or not currently being dyed. If a colour is ‘out of stock’, there is currently no expected ‘in stock’ timeframe.
Currently out of stock:  Cream, Ash blond, Copper, Honey, Light Brown, Red Brown, Rich Brown


Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 cm

Natural White #01, (Cream) Blond #02, Natural Blond #03, Ash Blond #04, Strawberry Blond #05, Honey #06, Copper #07, Carrot #08, Ginger #09, Light Brown #10, Caramel #11, Brown Auburn #12, Red Brown #13, Rich Brown #14, Dark Brown #15, Brunette #16, Black #17