Flannel Baby Pattern PDF WHP103

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By Woolhalla
Flannel Baby makes a darling first doll for the baby or young child in your life. Simple and endearing this first doll is also a great first project to learn some of the Waldorf-style doll making techniques.
This pattern is easy enough for a beginner and contains variations of the full flannel baby doll, one with a plain fabric face and one with a fabric face with eyes and mouth. Instructions are for hand-sewing, no sewing machine required, though machine instructions are included.

The 6-page PDF comes via e-mail complete with a list of materials, instructions, illustrations and photos to make each of the 3 babies. Essentially you will need cotton flannel, wool stuffing, stockinette (tubular gauze) or a thin piece of stretchy material, matching threads, doll skin fabric (to make dolls 2 and 3), embroidery floss, needles, pins, scissors, flexible tape measure, and a wooden teething ring (optional).

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