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100% WOOL FELT! Made in Europe, Oeko-tex Certified. Simply the best.
It's fabulous to work with pure woolen felt!! Excellent quality felt that is sturdy, durable,
colour-fast and will not tear. Standard 1 mm (1/16) thickness for all your project needs, such as making felt toys,
felt dolls, quilting, heirloom felt restoration, and much more.

Please specify colours when ordering, or choose from the wool felt pre-packs (below colour chart).
Choose from over 80 colors! Please Note: Colours may appear different on different monitors!
New Sheet Size!! 20 cm x 30 cm (approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt sheet: $2.85 Canadian each
Check out the new colors of felt at the bottom of the list (#77 and up) along with NEW 10-pack felt pre-packs (like Rainbow!).

** It's $3.25 to ship 10 felt sheets anywhere within Canada. If you order 10 sheets the shipping charge
will be higher in the cart, if you use the cart I refund shipping differences back to PP (really I do!)
Alternately you can email in your order or phone it in. Also, 20 sheets would mail in two envelopes for $6.50, etc.**

More notes on shipping below, including USA shipping!

Soft Yellow WWF001 Lemon Yellow WWF002 Corn Yellow WWF003 Orange WWF004  
Select Colour
Dark Orange WWF005 Poppy WWF006 Fire Red WWF007 Fuchsia WWF008  
Apricot Fleshtone WWF009 Custard WWF010 Golden Brown WWF011 Bronze WWF012  
Select Colour
Light Olive WWF013 Olive Green WWF014 Suede Brown WWF015

Chocolate Brown WWF016

Peach WWF017 Salmon WWF018 Coral WWF019 Fawn WWF020  
Select Colour

Terra Cotta WWF021

Fox Brown WWF022 Dark Cherry WWF023  Wine Red WWF024  
Pink WWF025 Rose Pink WWF026 Bright Pink WWF027 Hard Pink WWF028  
Select Colour
Sweet Pea WWF029 Hollyhock WWF030 Lilac WWF031 Violet WWF032  
Mouse WWF033 Camel WWF034

Beige Brown WWF035

Espresso WWF036  
Select Colour

Light Grey WWF037

Grey WWF038

Dark Grey WWF039

Black WWF040

Avocado WWF041 Lime WWF042 Bright Moss WWF043

Cricket Green WWF044

Select Colour
Emerald WWF045 Evergreen WWF046 Spruce WWF047 Dark Green WWF048  
Mint WWF049 Aqua WWF050 Turquoise WWF051 Soft Blue WWF052  
Select Colour
Lake Blue WWF053 Cornflower Blue WWF054 Marine Blue WWF055 White WWF056  
Dusty Blue WWF057 Sky Blue WWF058 Royal Blue WWF059 Cobalt Blue WWF060  
Select Colour
Iris WWF061 Lavender WWF062 Dusty Green WWF063 Dusty Rose WWF064  
Baby Pink WWF065 Daisy Yellow WWF066 Gold-yellow WWF067 Dusty Mint WWF068  
Select Colour
Pink Fleshtone WWF069 Green Turf WWW070 Bear Brown WWF073 Pastel Yellow WWF074  
Pastel Blue WWF075

Pastel Pink WWF076

Biscuit Beige WWF077
Cookie Dough WWF078  
Select Colour
Fern Green WWF079 Ecru (undyed) WWF091 Natural Light Grey (undyed) WWF090 Natural Medium Grey (undyed) WWF096  
Natural Dark Grey (undyed) WWF098   Another order option is a
"10 sheet" order (only for Canada), this bypasses the PP cart shipping overcharge but
you MUST send colour list!
Order from the above button to order 10 sheets + shipping in Canada. Then add colour list to your PayPal msg or email the 10 colours in. 
**The shipping shows up different in the cart (sorry, it doesn't have multiple shipping options yet to make the shipping less when ordering felt), so if you order individual sheets through the cart then I refund back to PP (as the cart will overcharge). Otherwise phone in or email your order.** PS: If you email your order I can also send a PayPal invoice.
You don't have to use the buttons on the right, they're just another ordering option.
Please note: The "10 sheet" order only charges for shipping 10 sheets.
Use this botton for "20 sheets":
And for 30 sheets with shipping:
Felt can ship as oversize lettermail!
That means you can have up to 10 sheets in Canada
mailed for $3.25 shipping, up to 5 is $2.00.

That's anywhere in Canada!

Custom packs to the USA ship can ship with the following prices:
Up to 10 sheets $5.25, and up to 14 sheets $7.25, and up to 30 sheets $11.25

If you place an order with the shopping cart any shipping overages will be refunded!!

Felt Pre-packs are available in the colour combinations as shown in the photos below. Photos can display differently due to screen output differences. To order a pre-pack, please use the dropdown menu to the right.

Please Note: There are no substitutions on felt pre-packs! Custom packed felt orders can be chosen from the above menu.
To order a felt pre-pack, choose from one of the three dropdown boxes below. The first box is if you live in Canada, then shipping is included. The second is if you live in the USA, then shipping is reduced (for the discount plus $2.00). The third box is if you are ordering felt along with some other supplies (like kits or doll making supplies).
Select Felt Pack
Select Felt Pack
for U.S.A.
Select Felt Pack
soft yellow, suede brown, lilac, lavender, sky blue, dusty mint,
dusty rose, pastel yellow, pastel blue, and pastel pink.

10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm
(approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Spring Renewal Tones Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada
salmon, coral, pink, bright pink, rose pink, hard pink, sweet pea,
hollyhock, lavender, and iris
10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm
(approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Summer Blossom Tones Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada

corn yellow, dark orange, poppy, golden brown, olive green,
terra cotta, fox brown, camel, beige-brown, and avocado.

10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm
(approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Autumn Harvest
Tones Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada

lemon yellow, fire red, cherry red, wine red, grey, dark green,
marine blue, white, dusty blue, and gold-yellow.

10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm
(approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Winter/Christmas Tones Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada
suede brown, chocolate, mouse, camel, espresso, medium grey, black,
bear brown, biscuit beige, and ecru.

10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm (approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Animal Tones
Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada
daisy yellow, orange, dark orange, fire red, cricket green, emerald green, aqua, turquoise, cornflower blue, and violet.
10 sheets of 20 cm x 30 cm
(approx. 8 x 12") 100 % wool felt

Rainbow Tones
Pack $28.50 Canadian*
* includes shipping within Canada


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